D.D.'s Veggie Enchilada Extravaganza

D.D.’s Lemon Drop Margarita

Don’t let the name fool you, it's strong so drink responsibly
¼ Tequilla
¼ Triple Sec (or Grande Manier)
¼ Lemoncello
Squeeze fresh lime and top off with ice.
You can dilute the potency by adding bubbly lime water.

D.D.’s easy Guacamole
2 ripe Avacoados
Mix in Salsa, Garlic & a squeeze of Lime

D.D.’s Veggie Enchiladas
1 container Sour Cream
1 Can Pinto Beans
1 Can Black Beans (Optional)
Veggie Burger (Optional)
1 Can Mushrooms (Optional)
Garlic crushed (Optional)
Cilantro fresh
10 Flour Tortillas (more or less)
1 Can Red or Green Enchilada Sauce
Cheddar Cheese grated
Small Can Sliced Black Olives (Optional)
Small tomato

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Medium Mixing Bowl

(The quantity of ingredients varies according to how many you want to make but you can freeze extras for future use.)

Sour Cream (1/2 to 1 container)
Pinto Beans, and/or Black Beans (1 can total)
Veggie Burger chopped (1 or 2 optional)
Onion chopped
Mushrooms (small can optional)
Garlic crushed (2 spoons optional)
Cilantro fresh (10 sprigs of chopped leaves)

Add 5 tablespoons of enchilada into the mix sauce and stir

Grease Deep Pan or Pyrex Baking Dish

Add three heaping spoons of mixed ingredients to each tortilla
Roll and place in pan or dish until full
Pour Enchilada Sauce over the top (Red or Green according to preference)
Cover with Cheddar Cheese
Garnish with sliced Black Olives, Tomato and fresh Cilantro leaves

Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees

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