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Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper: Dallas Film Festival Recap

Detroit to Dallas has many miles between, but the Alice Cooper fan base in both cities had electric enthusiasm. It was like the same music-loving family. I enjoy meeting them. I mean the real fans, that is. Not those rude autograph hounds that think they can annoy me into helping them make a fast buck. I think some of them would cut my hand off if they thought it would continue signing…

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Behind the Scenes: HBO's VINYL Episode 3 Features Alice Cooper Storyline and Blue Coupe Song

VINYL! What an exciting project to be involved in! The HBO show which is a Scorsese (partnered along with Rich Cohen, Terence Winter, and Mick Jagger) airs on Sundays, and Episode 3 ("Whispered Secrets") featured the Alice Cooper Band in its storyline and a new recording of Alice Cooper song "I Love the Dead" on the soundtrack, featuring Andrew MK, Blue Coupe, and James Mastro. My involvement began when Blue Coupe played the This Land Is Our Land Festival at Lincoln Center... 

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