Review: Bones From The Yard

Dennis Dunaway Project - Bones From the Yard Deedledoop Records

Rating: B+

Dennis Dunaway's claim to fame is being the original bass player and one of the founding members of the Alice Cooper Group. Dennis went to High School with the Coop and was a key figure in the creation of the classic Alice Cooper stage show that is still touring the world today. Since being removed from Cooper's band nearly 30 years ago Dunaway has remained active in the music business. He has released several albums with Cooper alum Neal Smith and Blue Oyster Cult's Joe Bouchard.

Dunaway has now released a new album under the heading of Dennis Dunaway Project titled Bones From the Yard. Classic Rock Revisited review. While critics will surely make numerous Alice Cooper references to the style of Dennis' new music, it would be unfair to say Dunaway is simply recycling the tricks he helped create in the early Seventies.

Bones From the Yard is a hard rocking, shocking and at times scary piece of music. The songs are well crafted and the first notes of the album capture the listener and keep him hooked for the long haul. Suffice it to say that this album will be cranked up loud and often. The disc opens with the rumbling "Kandahar" and then gets rocking with the Cooper-esqe "Me and My Boys." One of the catchiest tracks is "Little Kid (with a Great Big Gun)."

The amazing thing about the 12-tracks contained on the disc is that there is not a weak song anywhere to be found. Some tunes have a twisted element ("Stalker," "Satan's Sister," "Needle in the Red") while others are straight ahead rockers ("New Generation," "Little Kid," "Man is a Beast"). Dunaway has blown all expectations out of the water with this release. - Jeb Wright