Shut Up and Write A Book!

Dennis, Chelsea, Cindy, & Renee Dunaway at Manic Panic Salon, Ricky's NYC.

Dennis, Chelsea, Cindy, & Renee Dunaway at Manic Panic Salon, Ricky's NYC.

"What? That’s not how it happened!"
"What? We did that before that band was even born!"
"What? That was my idea!"

That’s what my wonderful daughters Renee and Chelsea grew up hearing.

When they were little, they’d say, "Yes, Dad ... we know."

They'd hear me correcting elaborated stories about Alice Cooper.

"Yes, Dad ... you told us."

And attending live concerts with them, they'd be trying to enjoy the show and I'd be pointing out things that Alice Cooper invented, like Poison’s C.C. DeVille's mirrored guitar, or Muse with a mirrored guitar, lasers, and weather balloons!

It got to the point where I would be thinking something and they would beat me to the punch and imitate me saying it.

Finally, they both said, "Dad, shut up and write a book!"

I started writing.

And so began a soul-searching journey with twists and turns and even revelations about what I thought I already knew inside and out. It soon became a mission of great importance to me. To get it right, the essence of Alice Cooper, which required several rewrites starting all over from the beginning.

Well here we are, decades later, anticipating a June 9, 2015 release of my book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! on Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press.

I'm lucky to have such an amazing publishing team. I'm lucky to have so many fans that genuinely care about the Alice Cooper stories. And Alice Cooper fans around the world are lucky that I have daughters that knew when to tell me to shut up.