Blue Coupe's Music Video Trilogy, Directed by Ace Bouchard

Blue Coupe are surrounded by wonderfully creative people. And when it comes to film, Albert's son, Ace, is a visionary. Ace conceptualized and directed all three official Blue Coupe videos. Part One: "You (Like Vampires)" finds our humble heroes (Joe, Albert & yours truly) fighting off vampires with pistols, rifles, a crucifix and a metal case with a special gun. After a long, tense night of vampire attacks, daylight arrives and the vampires have vanished. And so, in Part Two: "Waiting For My Ship," weary from the stress of the vampire attacks, Blue Coupe sneak away to a house on the Saint Lawrence River in the Thousand Island area of upstate New York where Joe & Albert grew up. Hawaiian shirts, barbecues, and beer offer little relaxation before evil ninja-like spirits show up. Grabbing their guns and a wooden stake that Albert sharpened, another series of bloody battles ensue. Then Joe opens the metal case, lifts out the special gun, and fires the final shot. Part Three: "Everybody Goes Insane" finds our battle-worn heroes at a snowy country home with a blizzard due to hit that night. Blue Coupe are preparing for another attack when the chilling howling of wolves cuts through the crisp clean air. The blizzard hits hard and so do a host of unexpected horrors.

Watch the trilogy of music videos.