"Cravin' a Drink"

"Cravin' a Drink" (as recorded by the 5th Avenue Vampires)

Cravin' a Drink starved for a bite
Dreams of disorder awake through the night
I've got until day no time shall I waste
Silently searching the night
For your taste

Can you feel my eyes like holes in the cold
Doorways to darkness so tortured so old
Dry blood on my lips and when there's no light
One little wimper I'll find you

I'll muffle your screams they'll fall on deaf ears
I'll sink my fangs and numb all your fears
You'll rise from your bed your eyes will meet mine
Forever you'll have the gift
Of all time

Forever we'll hunt never see light
Together in darkness no end in sight
Ha ha! I love what I do
I love to bite everyone especially