Listen to Dennis Dunaway on Playboy Radio, Nights with Alice Cooper, and Rock Révélé

Dennis has gotten to do some fun interviews surrounding his new book, Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group. We've rounded up some highlights for you to enjoy, in case you weren't able to hear them live. What are your favorite parts?

Josh Cooperman interviews Dennis about his adventures in the Alice Cooper group. They discuss Frank Zappa's "Alice Cookies," artistic integrity vs. commercialism , and how to build a guillotine. Run time: 60 minutes.

Serge Nadeau goes behind-the-scenes of select stories in Dennis's book in this well-crafted program that includes special guests such as Joe Greenburg and Janice Buxton. Run time: 60 minutes.

Alice Cooper chats with Dennis about what--and who--inspired them to push theatrical rock to the mainstream. Run time: 10 minutes.