Dennis Dunaway Used Rotosounds on the Alice Cooper Group Classic “School’s Out”

Dennis Dunaway, original bass player with the Alice Cooper Group was recently asked about what he used to record the classic track ‘School’s Out’ and gave the following revealing story : “I had just finished recording a track in the studio when a roadie came in with some new strings called Rotosound. I strung up my bass and immediately decided to re-dub the bass part on the track. The song – well it was “School’s Out” – and the rest as they say is history!”

Dennis Dunaway, co writer of “School’s Out”, has used Rotosound RS 66LD 45-105 Swing Bass strings ever since. In fact the Fender Custom Shop will soon announce a limited edition of the Billion Dollar Bass, which is a remarkably detailed replica of Dennis’s original 1970 Fender Jazz Bass that he used on the majority of the Alice Cooper Group recordings. This was the first bass that he used Rotosound Strings on, to record "School's Out."

Fans of Dennis and the original Alice Cooper Group (ACG) recently saw him use his Rotosound strung bass ‘live’ at the ground breaking Jagermeister Ice Cold Event at Battersea Power Station in 4-D Holographic form on 11th May 2011. This performance was the first one since 1972 to ‘feature’ the surviving members of the band, all together overseas. Billed at the ‘UK’s first holographic 4D rock gig’, the performance was shot in a Hollywood studio and beamed onto the eight metre Battersea stage. Recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the group’s appearance celebrates the release on 6th June 2011 of the collectable ‘Old School: 1964-1974’ box set which captures the bands early shock rock years. 

Dennis currently plays live with his bands Blue Coupe and Fifth Avenue Vampires. 

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