Alice Cooper Group Induction on Fuse Television March 20, 2011

 from FUSE website
Formed in the 1960s with Vincent Furnier on vocals, the Alice Cooper Band went through a few names - The Earwigs, The Spiders, The Nazz - before settling on Alice Cooper. According to rock legend (perpetrated through crafty press releases), Furnier was the reincarnation of a 17th century witch named Alice Cooper, and a star was born. The forefathers of the "shock rock" movement, the band blended androgynous looks, heavy music and onstage theatrics, scoring their first hit, "I'm Eighteen," in 1970. Successful concept albums, catchy hit singles, inventive music video projects, blockbuster tours and an unforgettable frontman established the group in the popular consciousness, and helped inspire bands from White Zombie to Marilyn Manson and beyond.