Blue Coupe @ WPLR Toy Drive

Can you think of a good reason to rock at 7:30 in the morning?
AJ & Chaz from WPLR did with their Toy Drive, which featured a heart warming variety of entertainers and a large enthusiastic crowd.
Even Santa himself was there to play cowbell on Blue Coupe's version of "Don't Fear The Reaper" as a dead ringer for Christopher Walken kept stopping the performance to request more cowbell to cure his fever.
As highly entertaining as the event was, not even the hilarious stand-up comic, the soulful Christmas singing group, the masterful Temptations tribute group, the Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator or even Elvis with a pillow strapped to his tummy could put a bigger smile on everyone's faces than the mountain of toys and the generous donation tally.
Thanks to WPLR and all of the caring people involved, lots of faces will light up this Christmas.